Knowledge Management Metrics and Effectiveness Custom Essay

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As we noted in the introduction, the question of knowledge management impact metrics has been around since the emergence of the field. For a variety of reasons (also touched on in the introduction), there has been little firm consensus on what those metrics are to be. In the case assignment for this module, we review some aspect of this debate about metrics and try to assess the degree of consensus that does exist.
A good place to begin this exploration is with a rather general summary of the issues in the area, found here:
Brown, M.G. (2011) Knowledge Management Metrics. Retrieved on December 1, 2011, from
For a somewhat more in-depth discussion of these issues, here is an interesting webinar presented last year by the American Productivity and Quality Center, an organization that has been front-and-center with regards to measurement since the days of the Reagan administration:
Hubert, C. and Gardner, C. (2010) Measuring the Impact of Knowledge Management – July 2010 KM Community Call. American Productivity & Quality Center. Original podcast July 15, 2010. Retrieved September 1, 2011, from
Finally, here is an interesting summary of the more technical issues involved in KM performance management, and highlights some of the specific problems found and the reasons why more general metrics are hard to agree upon:
Kuah, C.T. and Wong, K.Y. (2011) Knowledge management performance measurement: A Review. African Journal of Business Management. 5(15):6021-6027. Retrieved December 1, 2011, from
Read the assigned readings and even other outside reading you might find by yourself to be useful. Then write a short paper stating your position on the question:

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