Lack of Employee Morale in the Workplace custom essay

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I have to write a problem-solving essay. The format is as follows: Paragraph 1: Introduction with thesis. Paragraphs 2, 3, and 4: Explaining the solutions. Paragraph 5: Conclusion. This is for my English class. So the topic is my choice and I chose based on my major which is Human Resources Management. Some of the questions provided to get us thinking are: What problem is one that bothers you? The lack of employee morale in the workplace I feel is something more employers should pay attention to. After all, a employee that is happy, appreciated and motivated will be more productive and that motivation will have a positive effect on the productivity of the organization. It is understood that not everyone person will be happy, but I believe if the organization starting with middle management through executive management support and encourage our employees it will make a difference. To boost employee morale and motivation, employees should be treated as though they matter, because at the end of the day they do make a difference in the overall mission of an organization. What are some solutions that you think could help? I feel that employee recognition programs are an effective way to show employees they are appreciated. Pay attention to employees that show promise, Management focuses on “fixing those that cannot” rather than “improving those that can.” Leadership must lead by example. If the leaders of an organization are impersonal and too busy to be respectful and courteous expect the same results to follow with junior staff. Remember positivity is contagious.

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