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think about a real word research topic that you find interesting and significant but that somehow seems hard to explain or understand -what many people call a research puzzle. this puzzle might have to do with a divergence between two or more otherwise similar things or phenomena ; a persistent phenomenon of inefficiency; or some series of events that just dont make much sense. Describe and elaborate on your topic in simple terms without using jargon. Subsequent paper assignment in the class will deal with different steps in the research process .

2nd paper : page 3 and 4

identify and elaborate on three potential explanations for the phenomenon in paper 1 and state your hunch about which one is better. the explanations might come from just plain logic or intuition or from two or three pieces of scholarly research posing different arguments. state each of the explanations as a falsifiable causal proposition-that is, a proposition that can be proved wrong.
1) construct a hypothesis or model for each of the the three potential explanations.
2) for each of the explanations , identify and elaborate on the casual mechanisms that link cause( independent variable ) and effect ( dependent variable )
3) for each hypothesis or model , derive one or more observable implications.
4) for each observable implication, identify the information that you would need to prove the implication is wrong .

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