Legislative and Political Assignment Custom Essay

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Complete Political/Legislative Student Fact Worksheet that I have attached. All the information and websites to look up the elected officials information is on this worksheet which is attached. Find each legislature and senate that represent the state of Texas and federal district. The state you must represent is Texas, and the zip code 77479; you will needing my state and zip code information for the assignment. PLEASE REFER TO THE GRADING RUBRIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Refer to Legislative and Political Assignment Grading Criteria in the Course Resource folder After completing the worksheet, compose a 400-500 word letter addressed to an elected official in the state of Texas or district discussing your position on a current issue in nursing. Remember to include: (1) A summary of the issue. (2) Your position on the issue. (3) Rationale to support your position (4) References or statistical evidence that substantiates your position The letter must be written in professional tone that is consistent with APA format. PLEASE REFER TO THE GRADING RUBRIC!!!!!!!!!!!! which is the Legislative and Political Assignment Grading Criteria which is in the attachment.

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