Levi’s brand makeover custom essay

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Hey, I am doing a project called “brand makeover” I chose Levi’s as my brand cause I think that it is becoming oldfashioned. it failed to respond to new booming jeans market, premiun jeans such as true religion. that is why i think it is being out of trend these days. it needs a refresh. I attatched a guide line to give you an idea, how to write this paper. The attatchment file consists of two parts. One is my intro part of this research that I already finished, and the other is my rough thoughts on questions that I circled in red, number 6 with a~f sub questions,shown on the prompt paper that I scanned. Your job is to develop my rough answers to the number 6 along with each sub questions, A~f, into a sophisticate form. There is no paper form like MLA or APA required, though. Just keep the way I did on the attatchment paper. I didn’t answer every single question, but you are to finish all the questions thrown. Each sub question also has its own subquestions, too. You have to respond to them. Please do not miss even one question. The questions that I couldn’t answer are where you need to add your own thoughts. As long as they make sense I am ok. Since I gave you my rough thoughts and my intro part you already have a direction and you are already half way through. I believe it won’t be that hard work for you. BUT please think through all the questions as you do your own paper, and be sophisticate please. I just don’t have enough time to get this number 6 question done nicely. Thank you very much!!!!

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