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ANTH 388—Winter 2012—Exam #1—due Tuesday, February 14 (via Turnitin on Blackboard) This exam is worth 50 points (out of a total of 150 for the course). Answer 50 points worth of questions.
Students may collaborate (with other students in the class) and hand in a co-authored exam.

Describe three types of AAE “speech events” (from chapter 5). Then, explain why it is that these are not just styles of slang. What is it that makes these “speech events” an integral part of the language variety known as AAE?

10 point questions:
1. Describe some of the ranges of attitudes toward dialects that were presented in the documentary American Tongues(with examples from both speakers and listeners points of view)?
2. Is AAE a language variety, a dialect, or slang? Why or why not (answer regarding all three – language variety, dialect, slang – you must show you understand what each one of these are in order to state whether or not AAE is or is not one of them)?

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