Literature Novel -To Kill A Mockingbird Harper Lee custom essay

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Scenario: The Maycomb Tribune is celebrating the 55th anniversary of To Kill a Mockingbird. The editor is running a persuasive writing competition and the best responses to the topics listed below will be published in the anniversary edition of the newspaper.

– Choose ONE of the topics listed
– Write to convince the reader of your opinions
– Base your response on characters, events and issues explored through the novel.

1. The Trial of Tom Robinson: A Victory or a Defeat
2.Prejudice robs us of our human dignity

– Take time to plan your response
– Have a clear purpose, position or opinion
– Include appropriate evidence from the novel for your points
– Review your work for accuracy, word choice,sentence structure and use of persuasive devices

You will be assessed on your ability to:
* Understand the key ideas explored in To Kill a Mockingbird
* Use techniques of persuasion to present a convincing argument
* Express ideas clearly in a well-structured response

Marking Criteria – Extended Response- To Kill a Mockingbird
– Shows perceptive understanding of the issues within the context of the novel
– Skillfully uses techniques of persuasion
– Writes a sophisticated and sustained response using appropriate spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Hi Writer, I like you to do Topic 1 – The Trial of Tom Robinson: A Victory

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