Literature Research a Subject research on photo, diary, newspaper article of the time custom essay

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You will research one subject you choose, and use one (1) item from each of the tools &/or areas below:
? CSUEB reference source (online or print)
? Scholarly book or ebook available from the CSUEB Library catalog
? 1 scholarly journal article from Academic Search Premier
? 1 primary source (photo, diary, newspaper article of the time, etc.)
Retrieve the full-text of your sources from each area by locating, printing, emailing, or saving.
Make a note of the information needed to cite each of your sources (remember, most databases offer you citation help) ? you will create a list of the four (4) citations in APA style (use the Diana Hacker website for help in formatting your citations:
After retrieving the different sources required, write an essay (2 pages, double spaced) about both your subject and your research process.
Format your essay in three (3) parts:
1. What you have learned about your research subject,
2. Detail your search strategy, how you evaluated and revised your search,
3. Thinking about your research, describe how you could narrow your topic further.
4. Your list of APA citations.
Tips for detailing your search strategies:
Keep very detailed research notes of your process for completing the research for this exam. You will use your notes to write up your results. Your completed midterm exam consists of your research notes and your essay.
Include the following in your notes:
? your research strategy:
o Where did you start? Why?
o What did you do next? Why?
? how did you search? why?
o how did you evaluate your search?
o how did you change your search?
? what did you find? which sources did you select? why did you choose the sources you did?
? bibliographic citation information for your sources.

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