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BRM Resit Assignment: Research Proposal You are required to complete a 3,500 word assignment which consists of two parts. Part I: you need to write a literature review on a topic within the management field. This topic should be well defined and may be a topic you wish to explore in your dissertation. If you do not have a suitable topic you should use one of the examples below: • An exploration into the role of nutrition information in influencing consumer choice • Exploring the role of national culture on attitudes towards materialism • The influence and importance of job satisfaction on staff turnover • The use and impact of total quality management practices in the UK business sector • The impact of innovation on recruitment practices • The influence of changing currency rates on consumers travel behaviour: Exploring UK consumers travel to Europe • Green supply chain: Exploring the influence of back loading on carbon emissions At the end of your literature review you should clearly specify an aim and a set of objectives or research questions which will be the focus of the project to be undertaken. Your literature review should be fully referenced (where appropriate) and all references should be provided in a reference section using the Harvard reference style. Part II: you should outline a proposal for the research that could be conducted to fill the aim and objectives that you have identified. In doing so you should discuss the following briefly: 1. An appropriate research strategy with justification 2. Sampling 3. Appropriate methods for data collection. 4. Appropriate technique for data analysis 5. Who the potential respondents are and how to get access to them 6. Any difficulties which may be foreseen and which may affect the success of the project. As well as how these problems may be mitigated. 7. The project should be able to be able to be conducted within three months and with a budget of less than £50. Please using 1.5 spacing and include the following details on your title page: name; reg number; degree; module code; word count; title. Useful sources of information • – Gives answers to many of the questions that you might have about literature reviews. • – A guide to quoting and paraphrasing. • – A very useful guide which contains many phrases to use in writing about literature. • – A very useful guide to Harvard referencing.

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