Literature Reviews and A Research Paper

The literature review section is a vital section which a research paper cannot do without. A research paper without this section cannot qualify to be referred to as such. The literature review section is compromised of step by step analysis of other authors’ views, opinions and thoughts regarding a topic being analyzed. A researcher writing about the “causes and consequences of poverty in Africa” will go for materials both directly and remotely linked to this topic. Surprisingly, this section forms the bulk of a research paper.

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Not all published work qualifies to form part and parcel of a literature review section. There are certain factors that a researcher should take into consideration before deciding what should be entered in the literature review section and what should go into other sections of the paper, and what should be left out completely. A few factors may guide a researcher who may find himself at crossroads. Credibility and obsolescence are two major factors that should be taken into consideration. Most of our return client buy research paper and literature review chapters from Prime Essay Writings.

Not all materials available on the internet or in physical libraries pass the credibility test. Some published books, though popular, may not be classified as plausible for literature reviews. As resolving which books or articles are credible may be a difficult thing, we suggest that academic journal articles be used entirely. Academic journals are accepted materials for literature reviews because they are peer reviewed. No single article, unless in exceptional cases, gets published in an academic journal without being peer reviewed.

In addition to credibility, literature review materials should also take obsolescence issues seriously. A researcher conducting research on terrorism, for instance, may only include reviews of materials published only in the last five years. Terrorism and related activities involve fast paced technological environment and so only recently published works may be appropriate. The five year period, however, may not apply to all researches. Certain research works, like the one mentioned earlier about poverty in Africa, may include materials published 10 years ago and remain relevant. Historical research papers may use older data compared to research paper that are bent towards technology. Failure to take in mind credibility and obsolescence concerns may render the literature reviews section of a research paper irrelevant. Buy Essay for Literature Reviews and Research Paper from Prime Essay Writings

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