Logic and Style Sheet Custom Essay

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You are the director of a fictional consulting firm. Accordingly, you will need
to create a visual identity or brand for your customers. Use Photoshop or
other graphic design software to create a logo to use on your course & project
documents. Think, too, in terms of letterheads, business cards, web sites
places where a professional organization’s identity may need exposure. You will
use this brand and style sheet for the remainder of the semester for all
homework submissions.

If you don’t have Photoshop or visual editing software, consider downloading a
free version for C-Net.com. You may also try to exploit the text-box feature in
MS Word, giving your firm a distinctive, professional identity.

Your style sheet is your firm’s document template. Because you don’t want to
depend on Microsoft Word to dictate how your documents look, specify a
typeface, size, and layout for your documents. Check in your book for ideas
about page layouts. Most MS Word documents default to 12pt. Times New Roman.
Try something that better expresses who you are.

? Brainstorm and create your firm’s logo
? Brainstorm and create your firm’s style sheet
? Explain your visual idea what you were aiming for. The criteria for firm
name, for example, were professional creative memorable. Did you use
the same criteria for your logo, or did you consider other possibilities? Nop citation needed.

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