Logistics, Apply linear programming optimize to inventory costs Custom Essay

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I welcome the chance to improve the assignment according to your Prof’s comments (received earlier today). I see that your Prof requires:

? Beefed-up sections, intro and conclusion, to the report/memo.

? An LP solution that conforms to the Module 3 formats.

Neither of these points were emphasized in the original assignment specs. You have the option, of course, of filing a new order for the proper number of pages to cover the requested additions.
One more caveat: your Prof suggests that there should be inventory left over from one quarter to the next. This is not part of the case facts. You ought to question the profit-maximizing assumptions:

? Why can’t a valid Solver solution opt for the single brand that maximizes profits to the limit of warehouse capacity?

? What is wrong with assuming that the entire inventory of the single brand (or 2 or 3) can be sold off the same quarter since there are no stated constraints on marketing effort or geographic/distribution reach?

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