Luna and Xavier disagree about whether rabbits are fish Philosophy Case Study custom essay

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Answer all of the following questions.
A- Consider the following dialogue:
Luna : what is your favourite type of fish?
Xavier : my favourite fish is the rabbit.
Luna : a rabbit is not a type of fish!
Xavier: yes it is! Rabbits live in water, and everything that lives in water is a type of fish.

Luna and Xavier disagree about whether rabbits are fish. What argument does Xavier give for his opinion? His argument does not persuade Luna (and it should not persuade anyone else either).
How should Luna respond to Xavier?

B- write each of the following arguments in standard form. Note that there could be subarguments and unstated permises. Draw a diagram for each argument, showing wether the permises provide linked or convergent support for the conclusion.
1- This dessert was made with honey, so it contains sugar.

2- Tia likes Jasmine because she likes all cats, and so Jasmine is happy, since she’s happy when someone likes her.

3- Hamza has blue eyes. it can be inferred that he is European. Consequently, he must have blond hair, because every European has blond hair.

4- Luna has brown eyes. Tia thinks that brown eyes are beautiful. It follows that Tia thinks that Luna is beautiful. Tia likes beautiful people, since she likes to be surrounded by beauty. She likes to be surrounded by beauty because it makes her feel happy, and she likes to feel happy. That’s why Tia likes Luna.


(no need to any reference, and preferred in a Simple words)

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