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Attached are the docs which has some of the data and the question I have started to work on but I donot have time to complete it. ur help will be appreciated.

Q. Collect data of more than 100 observations from the data. Present the data using the frequency distribution table.
ii.) Calculate the mean;
– Standard deviation
– Median
– Mode
– Karl Persons coefficient of skewness.
iii.) Present the data by use of histogram and the frequency polygon curve; estimate the mode using the histogram drawn.
iv.) From (iii) above draw the frequency curve and comment on the distribution of the data.
V.) Draw an ogive and estimate the median, semi, interquatile range (quatile deviation) 8th decile and 8.8% percentile.

Q2. Collect two correlated data (Variables) e.g performance attendance of more than 30 observations.
a.) From the set plot the scatter plot and comment on the correlation.
b.) Calculate the person moment of correlation and interpret the result.
c.) Determine the regression equation & plot it on the same axis with scatter plot.
d.) Interpret the graph

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