Management Competencies Assessment custom essay

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Qualitative Research: (Can use Creswell as source) I need the design, scope and purpose described
Research Design: I need the design, scope and purpose described as well
Statement of the problem: How can management competencies be assessed. (elaborate, using previous information in the beginning)
I need you to shift chapter 3 of the paper down, to where it starts on its own page because each chapter starts on its own page!
I want information above implemented for chapter 3 and then put the original information there as well!
So we got Ch 3, Methodology, qualitative research, research design, and statement of the problem then data needed! The original information under this. All this should flow. Don’t forget to update the Table of Contents.
Also could you indent paragraphs on page 14, which is the Data Analysis and collection paragraph, the previous writer didn’t. Thanks a lot!!!

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