Management International Business Custom Essay

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– Type: Individual
– Format: Essay (You are encouraged to use headings and/or sub-headings to separate the sections/cases of your essay.)
– Word limit: 2500 words (variation within 10% more or less is allowed)

This activity is a platform to sharpen and demonstrate your knowledge and analytical skills in international business. It is designed to help you achieve the learning outcomes 1, 2 & 3. The assignment focuses on the actors of international business and their actions in the contemporary international business context. It also provides you with opportunities to link the international business theories with the practice by analysing real-world examples from the academic point of view.

How does international business achieve its internationalisation objectives in the contemporary context?

1. Select one of the following international organisations
– a multinational corporation, or
-a national government, or
– an international organisation such as the International Monetary Fund, the International Labour Organisation, the World Trade Organisation, or a NGO involved in international business.
2. Write a brief overview of the organisation and its mission/objectives related to international business (maximum 500 words for this section) .
3. Select and then analyse the internationalisation process of the organisation and its impacts on the international context.
– What did the organisation do to internationalise itself?
– What was the impact of these actions on the organisation?
– What was the impact of these actions on the broader community?
4. Experience/lessons Learned
– What experience and/or lessons should the organisation have learnt from the analysis? Why do you think they are important for their future acting?
– What insights did you gain about international business in the contemporary context?

– A high standard of presentation is always expected.
– Your assignment is to be processed using Microsoft Word, with 1? line-spacing, 2cm wide margins and page number. A word count must appear at the end of your assignment before references.
– Always keep a copy of any work you submit.

Submission of Assessment 1
This assignment needs to be submitted in both hard copy and soft (electronic) copy. The hard copy should be submitted to SIM by 5:00PM on the due date. The soft copy needs to be submitted on-line to the Gradebook located within the Blackboard of this course. The soft copy is due by 5:00 PM on the due date. For both copies, a signed Assignment Cover Sheet and a Turnitin report (only the first two pages of the report – see Turnitin section below for more details) must be submitted at the very beginning of your assignment.

Important Information about electronic submission of the soft copy
1) The soft copy should be same as the hard copy.
2) Only one soft copy can be submitted. Make sure the Assignment Cover sheet and the Turnitin report are integrated with your essay into one file.
3) When submitting the soft copy to the Gradebook, you must name your file according to the following format: the course code ? your student Number – your full name ? full time/part time. For example: David Citizen is a full time student (S1234567), then he should name his soft copy submission as BUSM1227 ? S1234567 ? David Citizen ? FullTime.
4) You need to note that the Gradebook system might not be able to process your submission in the case of large volume of submissions at the same time (for example: if a large number of people submit their assignments just before the due time). Therefore, you need to allow yourself sufficient time to submit the soft copy.

Turnitin Software
It is suggested that you use turnitin software to check that your work meets RMIT?s standards of academic integrity. Turnitin instructions are available at Each course has a specific code which you must use to log in to Turnitin. Your lecturer will provide this code in the Blackboard of this course and/or in class. Turnitin will check your assignment for originality and will generate a report indicating areas in which the content overlaps with other academic papers and student assignments. Do not include the cover sheet and reference list when you submit the assignment to Turnitin as they will distort the report. By inspecting the report you should be able to determine whether your essay would be acceptable as predominantly your own work. Please take care to allow time to submit your assignment to Turnitin so that you have time to review the report before submitting the assignment by the due date prescribed.
Note: Details for logging in to the Turnitin (such as the course name and the password) will be provided to you during the semester prior to the submission date. An annoucement will be made in the Blackboard of this course when this is done. Make sure to check the annoucement regularly.

Assessment Criteria
Level of mastery of the subject matters
Quality of analysis and argument
Academic writing clarity, logic and skills
Quality, relevance and sufficiency of references

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