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Use the system methodologies taught in this module to address a problematic situation in an organization of your choice (preferably about a bank as examples) the answer must include:
1. A succinct description the organization and the problem situation:
2. Justification based on the use of metaphor and ?System of System Methodologies (SoSM).
3. A clear description of the use in practise of at least one ? System methodology? (SSM)
4. Critique of the (SSM) methodology you have applied and suggestion of an alternative methodology VSM that might complement the applied methodology.

The structure of the report should be as follow based on the below requirements.
? Introduction about the company and the overview about the problem.
? Dominant and dependent metaphors.
? Why these metaphors are relevant.
? Why we are holding one to be dominant and the other dependent
? Major Dominate Metaphor
? Minor Dependent Metaphor.
? What is the ? Soft System Methodology ? (SSM)
? Why we choosing SSM
? The use of the SSM
? Justified why we are using (SSM) not (VSM) Visible System Methodology
? Apply the (Seven-Stage participative process) for the above case in brief for each stage as follow
? Stage 1- Situation considered problematic
? Stage 2- problem situation expressed (rich picture about the problem to be draw)
? Stage 3- Root definitions or relevant purposeful activity systems- (CATWOE )
? Stage 4- Conceptual models of relevant system named in root definitions.
? Stage 5- comparison of conceptual models & real world.
? Stage 6- changes systemically desirable and culturally feasible
? Stage7 ? Action to improve the problem situation.
? Conclusion
The conclusion should explain why have applied the SSM insisted of the VSM and what was the strengths and weakness for the both methodology

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