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Photostory 3 – you have to use this program only.
Step One :
Question: To determine whether children are manipulated by advertising through a review of secondary data and literature.

Step Two:
Gather and review academic and non-academic materials (bibliography) and analyse these material(s) in line with your objective/question.

Create main argument with bullet points or headings.
– Compare and contrast different arguments
– Build a coherent argument
– Support your argument with examples of current practise and theory and your own observations
– Consider what images, music and voice over will be appropriate for presenting your argument
– Prepare a concluding statement that summarises your answer to the question

Step Four :
Write a presentation plan, showing how you will present your arguments, i.e. what images, music, text etc.

Step Five:
Present your argument with photos and voice over as a Photo Story Presentation.

Step Eight :
Produce a thorough bibliography to prove your use of extensive research material. Ensure that your presentation is discursive, clear and well referenced.

Step Nine :

Step Ten:
HAND IN YOUR PRESENTATION (a CD with the project saved as a .wmv photostory presentation, together with a two page project plan detailing your approach) ON TIME

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