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Hi we have done most of the assigment which i attach i just need to add some stuff on it: i need to add stuff from worksheet 6 : Promotional Mix objectives (SMART) Promotion Mix Recommedations and from worksheet 7: PEST analysis ( Political Factors, Economic Factors, Sociocultural Factors, Technological Factors) and also i need Evaluation ! all the information about the this work are down here everything what i am asking for should be done in 900 words : the work we done is attached. thanks WORKSHEETS: Marketing Plan Worksheet 1 Your task: select your groups product or service Have an initial discussion of what product or service you will select as the basis of your marketing plan. Your must develop a NEW PRODUCT or SERVICE for either the business to business (B2B), or business to consumer (B2C) market. Your company is Paignton Zoo. Product or service selected for the Marketing Plan: Brand Name (if applicable): Company Name: Group information: Name Course Contact number/email Now, go and get some information about your company and its products/services.   Your Company Profile Company’s Mission and Vision Statements: Current Promotional Mix: Key Competitors and their brands: Current Market Share and Financial Performance: Just the key things   Marketing Plan Worksheet 2 Marketing Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning Your group must finalise its product or service – or else you will get behind. Remember to write your rationale in each section. List the ways in which your brand’s industry is currently segmented. Development of measures of segment attractiveness. List any new ways to segment your brand’s industry. Justify your choice of target market, be sure to define whether it is undifferentiated, multiple segment or niche. Develop customers profile for your chosen segment(s). Draw a positioning map in relation to yours and competitive brands.   Marketing Plan Worksheet 3 Insights into Buyer Behaviour Summary of your target customers’ characteristics Buyer Decision Process details Decision Marking Unit (DMU) – list and roles played Decision Making Type Potential reasons for ‘cognitive dissonance’ and how to resolve   Marketing Plan Worksheet 4 Product or Service Details This week you’ll start to develop a profile of what problem your product/service solves for its customers Product/service selected and company name. Draw the brands’ current total product offer; list your brands key attributes. Based on the above what will be your brand’s USP? Service Quality Dimensions. How can Ansoff’s Matrix help you increase sales? Suggested Research and Development.   Marketing Plan Worksheet 5 #1 Setting the Price Factors influencing your customers’ price assessments. Demand sensitivity: Elastic or Inelastic demand. External and internal factors affecting price Price Strategy: Consider – is your brand positioned versus competitors as: low quality; average quality or high quality? Since it’s a new product or service, do you start with: Price penetration, price skimming or simply match competitors? Our Price Competitors Price Strategy Rationale   #2 Setting the price What are the key channels of distribution? Push or/& Pull Strategy Role of intermediaries if used who, and channel power. Type of distribution: Exclusive, selective or inclusive…Brand Image?   Marketing Plan Worksheet 6 Promotional Mix Strategy You will need: 1. Brand Name 2. USP 3. Positioning map 4. DMU Target Audience Characteristics (STP, Buyer Behaviour and Media habits) Brand Image you wish to Convey Promotional Mix Objectives (SMART) Promotion Mix Recommendations   Marketing Plan Worksheet 7 Marketing Environment and Planning Brief PEST analysis Porters 5 Forces Brands SMART objectives Value Chain analysis Ansoff’s Matrix Performance Measures SWOT   Marketing Plan Worksheet 8 Write your formal Marketing Plan Writing up the formal plan should be easy if you have undertaken the previous pages. Transpose the key points from the previous weeks onto the marketing plan template and add some new stuff and you will be done! You don’t need to write reams of pages (2000 word limit), you need to be concise and logical. However you do need to reference you work in accordance to the procedures given. ASSIGMEASSIGNMENT BRIEF Assessment two – Group Marketing Plan You are required to work in groups (3-4), and following the group work process forms provided on Moodle. One of the roles of a Marketing Manager is to orchestrate the activities of the business to fulfil its goals via the success implementation of a Marketing Plan. The Marketing Plan is a document that summarises what the marketer has learned about the marketplace and indicates how the firm plans to reach its goals. Aims: Rather than just consider this modules as a theoretical concept we want you to undertake some actual marketing by writing a marketing plan for a new product or service for Paignton Zoo, with the view that by the end of this module you will have a better understanding as to how all the marketing topics fit together. To support this process, there will be a number of marketing planning worksheets to be found on Moodle, if you undertake this module as planned you will be writing up these work sheets week by week and this will facilitate the overall completion of the marketing plan. Your tutors will support you though this process and steer you in the right direction, however we are not here to give you the answers or do the work for you. It is your responsibility to get together in your groups and follow the group work process as directed on Moodle. Group forming Your group will be formed by your module tutor Marking Process Your group will be given a banded mark. The mark will in most cases have a variant of 10%. An individual mark will be award as a result of your peer evaluation and the minutes received. Presentation of your Findings Report using the provided template Length Your final Marketing Plan should 2000 words +10% (you will be penalised if you are over or under) Deadline • Work to be submitted on the date given by the required time • Work to be submitted to the faculty office where a receipt will be issued & Your report will be presented in a suitable structure: • Referenced in accordance to the guidelines given • Plagiarism will result in a fail Marketing Plan Template Group Names and Student Numbers: 1. Company Name 2. Company Mission Statement 3. Your new product/service brand name 4. Current Situation of the new product or service a. Brand Profile i. Products and services line-up ii. Markets where it competes iii. USP iv. Industry performance (market share, customer research etc) b. Brand Image c. Target Customer Profile d. Competitor Profile i. Brands, marketing mixes, USPs e. Summary of PEST f. SWOT 5. Objectives and positioning a. Positioning Map b. USP c. SMART objectives 6. Strategies and tactics a. Product and services summary b. Price c. Place d. Promotion e. Extended Mix 7. Implementation and control 8. Evaluation

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