marketing strategies and public relation tactics of hospitality and tourism Essay

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Critically evaluate the marketing strategies and public relations tactics of a hospitality or tourism organisation of your choice Critically evaluate :
Discuss both positive and negative aspects of the strategy.
Current situation
Risk – (can be done under different market segments)
Future situation if the current approach/strategy continues
Growth strategies (Ansoff’s matrix)
Competitive strategies (Porter’s Generic strategy – cost leadership/focussed etc.)
Portfolio strategy (Different products/portfolios for different SBU’s) – eg: Accor group
Product lifecycle (PLC)
Warfare strategies (eg: Offensive and Defensive strategies)
Develop a positive impact (eg: The company’s website; how much of PR does it address)
Public relations activitis
CSR Projects
Stakeholder relationships/involvement
Press releases, editorials, advotorials (target market, readership, penetration, media effectiveness)

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