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Solve the following Question Individually
1- Write the mathematical equation for the model (to be submitted on February 14, 2012 inclass not later than 10:00PM)
2- Write and solve the excel model. You must submit your excel file by email.
3- Late submission will be deducted 10% for first day and 10% each following day.

Computa is a computer stores During the next 5 months the following numbers of skilled repairhours will be needed: 6000 in January; 7000 in February; 8000 in March; 9500 in April; 11000in May. At the beginning of January, Computa employs 50 skilled technicians. Each skilledtechnician can work up to 160 hours per month. To meet future demands, new technicians mustbe trained. It takes 1 month to train a new technician. During the month of training, a traineemust be supervised for 50 hours by an experiencedtechnician. Experienced Technicians are paid2000 per month and trainees are paid 1000 per month during their month of training. Historicaldata indicates that 5% of the company?s skilled technicians quit each month. Computa wants todetermine a schedule that minimize the cost of meeting the demands for the next 5 months.

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