MBA – Contemporary Issues in Project and Operations Management (CIPOM) custom essay

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Hi, This report is for my MBA – Subject: Contemporary Issues in Project and Operations Management. This is a group project report and i only need my part Part1 – WBS (work breakdown structure), Resources, and Schedule. Part 2 – Benefits needs to be done. The proposed group project is to improve the supply chain management for Ashdown-Ingram Australian company with six sigma. I have attached the group report here (CIPOM-5148-GroupB-Asmnt_v3.4.doc) as it has my colleagues writings here and my part is only on section 4.3 and 4.9 on the report (where you are seeing name of Babuganesh). I also have attached here another doc (Sample_download from Internet.doc) which i downloaded from internet and ofcourse that can’t be exactly used here. This sample file is just for your info. I have attached my study material also here. Important part they will always check the report content. Below are the task requirement for this project report from Uni: Task: Each group will select one of the topics identified in the course as worthy of being addressed for an improvement project. The group will discuss, negotiate and agree as to which operation/topic they will focus the project efforts on. Prepare a project management plan for the implementation and management of the hypothetical changes and improvements you have identified as critical for the productivity improvements discussed. As part of the plan, your report should demonstrate: • the importance of the project you are proposing in relation to the operational changes/improvements as per your project justification. • project objectives and parameters, clearly defining project scope (what your project will deliver); • broad work breakdown structure and allocation of resources; • project phases and lifecycle, including timelines and budget* considerations; • risk management approaches; • critical success factors; • consideration of rewards, management styles, methods and tools to be implemented; • what project monitoring system you will utilise to keep the project on track; • your understanding of the value of post project appraisal and review processes. *It is not necessary to prepare an actual $ budget but the report should indicate appropriate considerations. Students will be required to submit a peer review of their group members. If a student’s average score is below 5/10 penalties may be applied to the individual student’s grade for the group assessment.

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