McDonald’s in India custom essay

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Also look attachment. Read Article Write Report (Six Sections) 1. Heading (On a page of its own) Enter in upper right hand corner (Right Justified) on separate lines and single spaced: “MAN3600-004” “Project 2” Report Title (McDonald’s in India / Chapter 3 “Differences in Culture) Report Date 2. Introduction (Start new page) Include several sentences introducing topic and its importance to reader. 3. Summary of Article Summarize the main points made by the author. Do not mix analysis with summary. 4. Analysis of Article Provide analysis of article. Do you agree with article? Is the article worth reading? Include anything of relevance with regard to analysis. 5. Conclusion Wrap up the report. Sections 2-5 should be about 2 double spaced pages in length and in portrait format. 6. Bibliography (On a page of its own) Provide a complete bibliography for the Textbook Topic, the Article and any other references. Proper English (Spelling, Grammar) is required, checked and graded

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