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Just in case, here is the course description so kindly read and keep the core objective in your mind at all time: ?Healthcare Performance & Process Improvement? is a graduate course devoted to healthcare quality concepts, theories and performance improvement tools and techniques. Students will learn about healthcare organization quality improvement in both a historical and contemporary context. Topics explored will include:

History & Concepts of Healthcare Quality
Quality Management Concepts and Applications
Evaluating & Measuring Quality Performance
Continuous Quality Improvement
Performance Improvement Tools and Techniques
Quality Improvement Teams
Patient Safety Challenges
Healthcare Quality Resources
Organizational Issues for Quality Support in Healthcare
Contemporary Healthcare Issues
Developing a Quality Plan
Quality Improvement Project Components & Management
Learning experiences: The course uses a combination of text based materials to introduce concepts and information about healthcare quality topics as well as outside resources and materials to provide varied perspectives. A practical exercise in quality improvement is integrated into the weekly activities of the course to provide each student an opportunity to develop a selected quality improvement project plan of the student’s choosing. During this project development activity many of the concepts and tools presented in the course will be incorporated into the various components of the project deliverables each week. The project allows both a practical application of the course concepts and the potential to begin development of healthcare setting improvement project that could be applied in many healthcare workplace settings by the student. The completed project will function as the course final exam and a demonstration of the student’s application of the tools and concepts to a healthcare setting of their selection.

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