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Topic on child refusing treatment based on media article attached. Based on children only please. Use human rights act, Children’s Act, Children and Young People’s Act, Every Child Matters and so on. Include the child, parents, that state and health professioanls. The module is on managment, ethics and law. Only use UK evidence. Use NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council UK) for references.

Please follow this structure and use this headings in assignment
Introduction about 100 words
Main Body as follows
1. Outline the chosen topic in the context of your clinical practice 5% (Child refusal of treatment mentioned about how I’ve seen this in practice) This should be about 100-150 words
2. Identify the legal, professional and ethical issues that relate to your chosen topic. 10% about 300 words.
3. Critically evaluate the ethical, legal and professional issues identified using the primary as well as secondary sources of information. about 700 words.
4. Draw upon the literature about management and leadership literature to critically evaluate the implications for practice (30%) about 700 words.

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