Media Industries and Audiences Custom Essay

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Media company analysis Due date Midnight Friday 20 July 2012 uploaded on Moodle. Length 1500 words (+/- 10%), excluding cover sheet, title, references, tables and figures and quotes over 40 words long. Purpose The purpose of this individual assessment is to use course concepts to analyse an existing media company, its product, strategies and market using those concepts. Instructions Select a media company from the list provided on Moodle. If your preferred company is not on the list, consult the Unit Convenor before proceeding with your research. The company must be publicly traded to obtain the necessary data. Collect data from various sources including annual and financial reports, market analyses, company websites, etc. Organise & analyse the data using categories/concepts discussed in lectures, readings & tutorials. Clearly define the media product and the market for that product. Provide a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis of the company and the relevant media market with the concepts used in the course. What challenges/opportunities has the company/product faced & addressed in the past? How is the company performing now? What challenges/opportunities face it in the future and how is it positioned to address these in a rapidly changing media marketplace? At least 5 academically credible sources must be included in your reference list. These can include course readings.

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