Media television health information is useful and misleading and unhelpful custom essay

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Topic about Media/television health information is useful & misleading and unhelpful, i had to write about both side. it is a 5 page essay i need, and i also need bib, which will end up like 7,8 page which i don’t know. any price change i will paid. but i need 5 page pure essay like 1375 words sound good.
It is a Health age class, and the topic as u see is about media and how it related to health, the good and bad side about it. that’s my debat e topic. Bib has to be apa, and they will upload my essay to, so plz make sure i don’t have any plagiarism or copy without references.
Here is what my proof said: “Students will be expected to submit a 5 page Reflection Paper (this is five pages excluding the cover page and bibliography). You will need to connect your reflections to the course material, textbook, courseware and other academic literature. Remember that the paper is to discuss both sides of the debate regarding your topic and draw some insightful conclusions.
You must submit at least six to eight peer reviewed references used in the reflection paper (texts or journal articles only and properly referenced APA style).

The paper will be marked on content (analytical depth, coverage/breadth, and range of sources 50%) structure (organization, logic, flow ? 25%) and style (APA style, spelling, grammar -25%).

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