Methodology Chapter Custom Essay

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To effectively research on the career development of police officers in Houston, Texas I shall use both qualitative and quantitative research methods. Qualitative research shall enable me to obtain an in-depth understanding of the behavioral characteristics of the police officers during recruitment and development of their career. This research methodology will mainly concentrate on how and why certain decisions are made instead of just having where, what and when it happened. Quantitative research methodology will be used to investigate on statistical aspect of the research which is measurable and one would use mathematical models to analyze it using statistical methods….

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Operationalizations of the research variables will be done by identify the different variables which are being used in the research. The main variables which need to be taken in to considerations are the police officers being recruited/those who are already in the service. The other variables are the recruitment procedures which they undergo, any anomalies which they experience during recruitment and training and finally deployment to their duties and development of their career line….

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Assumptions and limitations, While doing the research I will assume that it is a survey research and the information which will be provided by the interviewees will be accurate. I anticipate that there would be some interviewees who will not return their questionnaires while others will be late to submit them back. The main challenge of the research will mainly be to analyze the data collected and its presentation to ensure it is accurate and easily understood by the intended users….

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