Module 5 Assignment: Program Evaluation Project, Section 5. Data Analysis, Interpretation, and Communication Custom Essay

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Program Evaluation Project, Section 5. Data Analysis, Interpretation, and Communication

There does not seem to be a shortage of data. Included in this module are opportunities to review a number of examples of large data sets. One must decide, however, which data to interpret and which to leave for another time. One may begin by identifying the original intent of a specific data set. What was it intended to measure? In researching the instruments, administration, and analysis, one may determine the extent to which the data seem to be a valid measure of their intended purpose. Only if one considers the data valid should they be interpreted and used as a basis for the development of recommendations. In successfully completing this assignment, you will be better prepared to select meaningful data from a large data set, interpret and report them, and develop recommendations that lead to continuous improvement and sustainability.

The Program Evaluation Project runs throughout the modules of this course and culminates in Major Assessment #2, Assessment and Accountability in Education. As you complete each section of your Program Evaluation Project, carefully review the feedback. Use the feedback to revise and improve each section of your Program Evaluation Project. Your final task will be to create Major Assessment #2, Assessment and Accountability in Education, tying together the revised sections of the Program Evaluation Project you began in Modules 1-4, are continuing to complete in Module 5, and will finish in Module 6. Major Assessment #2, Assessment and Accountability in Education should reflect the improvements you have made based on feedback. This assignment will serve as Major Assessment #2 for the PhD in Education program.

A. Analyzing and Interpreting the Data
You are not required to collect, analyze, or interpret actual data obtained through your process and outcome evaluations. However, review the data sets provided by the Instructor.

Effectively analyze and interpret these data. What do the NAEP data say about student performance? Examine your own state’s Report Card. How do these results compare to the results of the NAEP efforts? Note trends and outliers. Locate data about your state or region through the NCES sites. How do these results add to the information provided through NAEP and the state’s Report Card? Describe the “full” picture being illustrated with these four data sources. What does it mean and what are the data saying about students, teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders?

B. Communicating Results and Recommendations to Stakeholders
A number of different findings and outcomes could be the result of your project if fully implemented. Take a positive perspective assume your outcomes were what you were hoping for. What recommendations would they indicate? Describe them.

Take the other perspective. What if 50% or less of your outcomes were what you were hoping for. What recommendations would you provide for stakeholders and future evaluations? Be specific.

C. Continuous Improvement and Sustainability
Describe how you would effectively use each of your data for program improvement, to benefit each stakeholder, and to contribute to the field of education. Explain how you would build sustainability into your project and the program you are evaluating, and why sustainability is important.

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