Money & Banking TERM PAPER related to Financial Crisis of 2007 PROPOSAL! Custom Essay

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This is an end of the semester Term Paper from my Finance 3305 Money & Banking class. It must be related to the Financial Crisis of 2007. These are the instructions direct from my Course Syllabus: —Each student is required to prepare a short paper on a topic relating to the financial crisis of 2007 and its subsequent ramifications up to the current economic situation. Topics include but not limited to the (1) countercyclical fiscal stimulus package, (2) the sharp reduction in the federal funds interest rate, (3) the new borrowing facilities at the Fed and other central banks, (4) the effect on emerging market economies, (5) the TARP program, (6) proposals to increased risk management practices and regulations, (7) the debate over QE2 and the probable outcome. See the guidelines related to writing a paper.
Students are required to send their proposed topics for the term paper by February 13, 2012 to get the final approval. The final term paper is due on Apr 30 2012. The term paper should have a maximum of 5 pages including references. The term paper should be your own work, do not plagiarize from other sources. What I expect from you is the following: after selecting the topic of your term paper, read 5-10 articles about the topic and provide your own summary along with your interpretation of the

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