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You will write a critical analysis of The Awakening. When finished, the paper should be 1,600 words in length (approximately 5 double-spaced pages). In addition to creating an introductory section that provides the reader with a thesis statement that is original and arguable, you will choose one of the three critical perspectives studied during the course of the term (feminist, psychoanalytical, or historical) as the main lens for this essay. In addition to choosing a main perspective, you will briefly show that you understand the two perspectives not chosen for this assignment. The paper should end with a concluding paragraph or two that provides an excellent sense of closure for the reader. At this point you may want to review the lectures on the feminist critical perspective, the psychoanalytical critical perspective, and the historical critical perspective. These critical approaches or perspectives are also summarized in the Pike and Acosta (2011) text, under Appendix A. For further assistance, click here for more on critical perspectives in literature. Additionally, review the lectures on each perspective. Important clarification: You will choose one main perspective from which to examine the novel and then briefly comment on the other two perspectives, showing that you understand that there are multiple ways to critically approach a text. You are not required to use outside sources for this paper, but if you choose to do so, please follow the guidelines that appear in The New Century Handbook’s APA section, which you were asked to read earlier in the week. Even if you use only one source, you will still need to cite page numbers when you use quotes or present information directly from the text. Additionally, all students will need to properly cite excerpts from and references to the novel. At the end of the paper, you will need a reference page listing The Awakening and any other source consulted for the paper.

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