Movie Review choose a horror film of your choice custom essay

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You will all choose a horror film of your choice. If you could message me back with the film you choose that would be great. You need to watch the film several times to familiarize yourself with the plot story and other analytical aspects. You will analyze the first 10-15 minutes of the film. Choose the first couple chapters in their entirety. Write a paragraph intro to the film director, year , cast members, awards if applicable. Then summarize the opening of the film explaining what is unfolding in the plot/story and as you do so identify a number of key bold-faced film terms from Cinematography (Ch2), Production Design(Ch3), Editing, (Ch4) and Sound Design (Ch5) from the textbook Movies and Meaning(6th Edition) by Stephen Prince. The teacher suggests (2) per chapter. Don’t simply identify then move on ; stop and explain the term in a few sentences. Just to reiterate your job is to identify the term, define in context to the scene and using the definition, show how the term applies to the specific moment in the film. Use only print sources and/or library databases, 1 will be the book the other will be a review or criticism, the time period etc. The last one being a specific reference on something having to do with horror genre as a whole, something you can use and apply to the paper. If anything is unclear just shoot me a message and i will try to clarify it.

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