Movie Review: Essay on Film of Avatar using Sociological Perspectives Custom Essay

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I will be posting the additional files, and sorry about the massive work for you!. Here are some additional brief instructions:

Outline of the Essay:
1. Introduction: intro of the topic, analytic thesis statement, 3 main points in the paper.

2. First point paragraph: claim (arguement for the paragraph), Evidence (supporting sources, quotations,etc. Relevant to the argument), Significance (relate to evidence to your claim. Explain how this arguement helps to prove your thesis).

3. Second point paragraph (the rest is same as above).

4. Third point paragraph (the rest is same as above).

5. Summary: Rewording of thesis (Write what you have argued or proven throughout your essay), Summary of main points, Significance (what is your arguement important? what are the implications of it?).

6. Conclusion: What other concepts can be applied? what other points are not covered in the essay should be considered for further study or research (depending what type of essay you are writing, the academic discipline).

This Essay should be:
1. no description of the film, Avatar (you don’t need to explain what the film is about, only talks about the film using sociological imagination concepts, such as Characteristics, native people lives on Pandora, cooperative people (purpose: the mineral and harm), and the scientists(purpose for research and no meant to harm).

2. Includes examples of the film

3. no internet resources (although it was said by my prof, but if you need to look up some internet resources for better understanding of the film, just do it).

4. analytic thesis statement (my prof said it is very important)

5. quotes only from book

6. References could be 3 to 5, doesn’t matter

7. Bibliography at the end of references page

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