Music Compare the bios of the composers; Compare the changes in the instruments, ensembles or technology between the eras that directly affects the pieces you’ve chosen custom essay

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For this paper, you’ll choose two pieces from two different eras that we study this term that share the same genre. That means, one piece will be from the Romantic era, and the other from a later period such as the 20th or 21st century.

In your paper you’ll examine each piece in more depth than in our previous assignments to make an informed comparison between them. The music that your writing addresses must be linked in a rhapsody playlist you create yourself. A working rhapsody url to that playlist is required to get credit for the assignment. Include a biography at the end of you paper that lists your sources, which should be available on the internet.

Information to include:

Compare the bios of the composers

Compare the changes in the instruments, ensembles or technology between the eras that directly affects the pieces you’ve chosen

Choose a movement from each piece and describe what you hear in the music, using track timings to pinpoint details. What instruments are playing, or what voice range is singing? Point out contrasts: does the tempo speed up or slow down? Is the overall dynamic level louder or softer? How do those changes affect the mood of the piece.

Be sure you include a working rhap url to the music you’ve written about, and a short bibliography at the end of the paper with correct urls to the external web sources you used in your research.

Genres that lend themselves to this assignment most easily are:

-Tone poems (symphonic poems)
-Concertos (be sure both your concertos use the same featured instrument)
-Large scale sacred vocal works such as Mass, Oratorio
-String Quartets
-Art Song
-Programmatically titled short piano works

Since figuring out the two pieces is tricky, there is a discussion posting that is part of the preparation for this assignment. In discussion posting 2, you are to choose the piece from the Romantic era, write about why that interests you, link it via a rhapsody url. Then, the reply postings should offer something helpful. (more details on that in the discussion forum).

Be sure your rhap url works, and that your bibliography urls are correct. Your paper must include a bibliography to receive full credit. To get any credit at all for the paper, your rhapsody url must work and it must directly link the reader to the music your paper covers.

one of the instructions required is to bring links of songs from the rhapsody website (not youtube). now, in order to get in the rhapsody, u need a username and password.

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