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Topic proposal for the “My Genre-ation” paper

Main posting due Monday Feb. 13; reply postings through Thurs. Feb.16th

50 points

Main posting + reply format

Post to the Graded Discussion 2 Forum in D2L

The final paper for this term will be an in-depth comparison that you’ll make between two large works of the same genre but of different time periods that we study this term. One piece must be an example of that genre from the Romantic period, and the other in the same genre to compare to it from the 20th (or 21st) century.

This discussion posting is intended as a critical first step in your preparation for the paper.

Main posting:

Briefly state what your paper topic will be. That means you’ll need to state the genre of piece you intend to compare, plus the title/composer of the Romantic era piece in that genre that you intend to listen to and write about. Your posting must include a rhapsody playlist url that contains a link to that piece. State briefly why you’ve chosen that genre. You may also ask your fellow students for suggestions and advice, based on the problems you anticipate you might have with writing your paper on your topic.

Since we have not yet done the 20th century readings, you are not expected to put both pieces in your topic statement discussion posting. But, as we are finishing up the Romantic Era chapters, you should have enough background to make a decision about the Romantic era piece and its genre.

Reply posting:

Help your classmate by responding with information they may need or ideas, tips, etc. to help their research. For instance, let them know if their rhapsody url does not work, or mention a piece in the same genre that you know that would fit their topic in case their research bogs down, or share a fact or website url that you think might help them in their research. Maybe suggest some search terms for the internet or rhapsody that might help. If you see a mistake, such as a mis-match between the genres or pieces chosen that are outside of the parameters of the assignment, or a playslist that does not correspond to their posting, or a wrong title or composer name, it’s OK to tactfully mention that. If their main posting asks for suggestions, by all means respond to that.


Be sure you know what a “genre” is. As you’ve already read, that is a different thing in a music history course than it is in a commercial music service.

Typical genres used in both periods that would work well for this assignment are:

Symphonic poem or Tone poem



If you choose Concerto as your genre, make sure the same instrument is the solo instrument in both your pieces. For instance, both should be piano concertos, or both pieces should be violin concertos….etc.


Art Song

String Quartet

Programatically Titled solo piano work

As you did in the first discussion posting, make sure to edit your posting so that it is clearly written and provide correct urls to link to your Romantic work and to any reference sites you’ve found so far. Don’t omit the reply, the points breakdown is 40 for the main posting and 10 for the reply.

student example: The String Quartet has the structure and power of a symphony but the intimacy of four virtuosos in chamber music, thus allowing the composer to show their true ability. Credit is given to Josef Hayden for the quartet; his form is of four movements (like the symphony) consisting of a fast movement for the first, the second and third are slower and dance like with interchangeability, and last the forth movement is fast again [1]. Working within these bounds with just four instruments, there is no room for the composer to cover up with color and has to use a form of absolute music.

I find that Johannes Brahms would be a good starting point as he tried to up-hold the ideals of absolute music set forth by his predecessors and used the form of counterpoint [2]. Counterpoint involves the writing of musical lines that sound very different and move independently from each other, but sound harmonious when played simultaneously [3]. For example in the quartets, think of each instrument having their own song to play and that these songs need to inter play with each other to form a single complete harmonic balance of sound, akin to the singing of a round.

I have chosen the first movement as all of the string quartets have one. Johannes Brahms String Quartet in A Miner Op.51, No. 2: First movement, performed by Mandeling Quartet expresses the form well. The first violin?s voice is heard three times at 1:20, 5:05, 10:05, then the other three are heard as there voices forme a grand movement of sound, with the second violin and the viola playing off each other and the cello plucking out a soft waltz or a fox-trot.

After a dip in popularity the string quartet is rediscovered in the 20th and 21st Century music, although the style and numbers of movements have changed, the absolute music still has to perform.

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