national geographic magazine custom essay

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This essay will involve research you will do from the library, library databases, and the internet. Research the national geographic magazine. it was first published and by what company or creators) 2.Changes in the magazine over time 3.Typical subject matter 4.The intended audience 5.Position and/or goals(aside from selling magazines, what is the publication’s intent? What position does it take on its subject matter and what is it trying to give to its audience) You will need to research the magazine and use material from at least 3 different issues from at last 3 years. This means, your paper must discuss some content from back issues. This content should be articles, letters to the editors, advertisements, and interviews You will also create a MLA formatted works cited page listing at least 4 sources of research (this could be article, ads, letters or interviews from the magazine itself, websites, books, or essays)

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