Native-American Studies; Mihesuah text, Waterlily, stereotypes concerning Am. Indians. From Waterlily and The Grass Dancer custom essay

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The questions are based on the Mihesuah text, Waterlily, and through Ch. 7 of The Grass Dancer. You may also include references to any of the video material we?ve viewed.Be sure to quote items form the texts as well as page numbers. These text are the only sources you will need.

1. From the onset of the course, we have discussed stereotypes concerning Am. Indians. From Waterlily and The Grass Dancer, we see a number of stereotypes countered. Discuss examples of three stereotypes repudiated in each novel.
2. In The Grass Dancer, which traditional roles or values remain consistent with those in Waterlily? Which ones no longer exist, or only exist in a distorted form? Discuss two examples of each.
3. Both novels foreground the concept of story-telling, whether in traditional oral or written form. Who narrates stories in each of the novels? What values do these stories convey?

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