Network Architecture for Happy Health Systems Essay

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This is a Network Architecture for Happy Health Systems which is a health care organization which has four hospitals, ten clinics, a research facility and physicians practice. In the past five years its hospitals and clinics have increased tremendously with an additional of six hospitals and three clinics respectively which has made the hospital and clinic attend more patients than ever before. The hospitals operations are computerized but there is need to upgrade its network…..

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Lease parameters are the settings which are put in place to assign the IP addresses to the computers in the network and for how long it should be assigned. By default the lease duration is eight days but would be changed depending on the number of computers in the network and the available IP addresses (Microsoft, 2009). The hospital at present has an average of 2000 users in each hospital, 100 in each clinic 45 physicians, ….

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In conclusion the network is able to accommodate high data transfer because of its layout which sub-domains which computers in section or branch are connected to which are in turn connected to the main server via a router, hub or switch. If a link breaks down are only the computers which are supported by that link will be down while the rest will be functional. Trouble shooting the network is also much ease as its layout has a central connection to the server where any fault would be detected easily and rectified….

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