New Orleans and the Impact and Aftermath of Katrina custom essay

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Short Paper Topic: New Orleans and the Impact and Aftermath of Katrina Due at the end of the fourth week. Refer to schedule on the home page for due date. Background: More than five years ago, Katrina, one of the three strongest hurricanes ever to make landfall in the U.S., destroyed major Gulf cities and flattened 150 miles of coastland. Katrina lasted for five hours (on August 29, 2005) and then was followed by storm-surge floodings which submerged a half-million homes. This was followed by the human tragedy of government mismanagement at the local, state and federal levels. Katrina has regularly been written about in newspapers and reported in the media since August 29, 2005. Assignment: Your short paper on New Orleans should answer the following questions: 1. What has been accomplished since Katrina and by whom? Government (local, state and/or federal)? Organizations? Private Individuals? 2. In your reading, what have you found that has NOT been accomplished? Format of the Paper: Length: Two full pages, double-spaced. Title page and source/bibliography pages do not count as any of the three pages. Number each question. Sources: Six sources are required. Further information on sources can be found at the end of this description. At least six footnotes must be used in your paper from your sources (at least one from each of the six articles). Style Manual: Students may use any style manual but must be consistent. Credit: This paper will count 10 points of the first exam. Due date: refer to schedule on the home page Some suggested sources: Do not use Wikipedia. Databases: Go to to the home page for Western Michigan University’s Libraries. The following databases can be found in the A-Z List of Article Databases on the lower right side of the page. Some of these have articles from journals or newsmagazines, others come from newspapers. These are just suggestions. You can try and search through others which are available to you. Article First ProQuest Research Library Expanded Academic ASAP Readers Guide Abstracts Info Trac One File Wall Street Journal Info Trac Custom Newspapers PAIS International Lexis Nexis Academic Lexis Nexis Guided News Search Newsbank Newsbank Newsfile If you have any questions about how to use these databases contact the librarians at Waldo. I have attached a short writing sample to see my writing style. I will try to attach a longer writing sample as well.

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