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Economic Geography News Clippings Find at least three different current news stories on a single theme covered in class. Prepare a 2-3 page critical assessment covering the group of articles. In it you should: a) identify point of view of the authors, the questions asked; How authors deal with the same issue? Who are they in favor of? b)the kind of evidence presented and authors’ conclusions c) THEN, drawing explicitly (citing sources) upon class material and analysis, you shoud identify the questions that were not asked but that should have been in the interest of fuller reporting and analysis. Explain why. Print and bring articles. Cite. Use paper or online editions of major newspapers and magazines such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Guardian Newspaper, and The Economist, among others. This is what the professor told us. He is very thoughtful and critical. In class we just read recent news and discuss issues of the world. Topics covered in class: Is there such thing as American Car, transnational corporations, is the customer always right, labour power, unions, culture and the firm, does gender shape economic lives, uneven development i will enclose an example of the paper that was graded B+, I of course want an A try to refer to the textbook Economic Geography: A Contemporary Introduction by Neil Coe in the conclusion and make sure to answer all he questons.

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