Nokia N8 custom essay

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Dear I’d like to get an essay of the following details. Please write it carefully, because it’s so important to my grade. I choose ( Nokia N8) to be my product. In the attachment There is a ” GUIDER ” for the essay, PLZ read it and follow the instructor. In pages ( 10-11-12 ) in the ” essay GUIDER ” you’ll find a points that you should follow . However, in page 12 in the “essay GUIDER ” I’ve highlight the points you must do. Also, I’ve scanned some pages for the essay ” scanned pages “, i’d like you to find the application from page 506- 522 and link that with the Nokia N8. Also, from page 523-529 you’ll find the effect again please link it to the Nokia N8 . THE ESSAY WILL B UNDER THE TURNITIN RULES, SO PLZ MAKE SURE DON’T JUST COPY PASTE , and it’s essential to write 350 words per page. ( 1 )Essay GUIDER ( 2 ) Scanned pages please feel free 2 contact me F U misunderstood some ideas. : ) Regards

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