North Lighting EMEA (European / Middle East / Africa) Expansion Strategy essay

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You are to assume that you are a member of a small team in North
Lighting, a UK based energy saving light bulb manufacturer, who have
just purchased Bud Light, a low cost bulb manufacturer in the Czech
Republic, which gives a cost advantage in EMEA (Europe, Middle East
and Africa) markets. The company is ambitious to grow its sales and
market share globally, and wants to use the Czech operation to give a
cost advantage in tackling this.
Your task is 2-fold:
1. To perform an overall analysis of key EMEA markets and to
determine the general strategy as well as recommending
specific approaches for the different markets. You should
allocate different EMEA markets into groups based on the
commercial and market entry strategy. On the basis of the
careful analysis you are expected to decide which entry
strategies you would recommend for the Company for these
different groupings of markets, then
2. Present your specific strategy for one chosen country, which
should not be the UK or Czech Republic. You are required to
present a critical evaluation of your recommendation.

Assignment-2 parts (explain)

1. Very high categorisation of all countries in region ( Europe / EMEA )
– Basic criteria to decide which countries fall into whick buckets:
+ Export
+ National Distributor
+ Sales office
+ JV ( join venture)
+ Full manufacturing subsidiary
– Could be as simple as poppulation, but might be include complexity of distribution e.g Italy v France, market size, logistics , physic distance / distance culture eg. NL v Saudi

2. Detaled analysis of one chosen market ( not UK OR Czech )

i will attach a file with full specifications and please read it.. my task is the individual report and not the presentation. tha presetnation is done.

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