Nursing Coursework

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1 What is the difference between a drug’s half life, renal clearance and steady state? Given an example to demonstrate your understanding. Explain the importance in clinical practice.
2 If you had a patient ask you what the advantages and disadvantages of Over the Counter Medications and Nonprescription medications were, what would your response be? Limit this to one paragraph, and include evidenced-based rationale to support your opinion.
3 What will be your response when you are asked to write a prescription for a friend or family member? What does your state law say about this practice? Can you write one for yourself?
4 Should healthcare providers and organizations pay for the additional cost for newer drugs that appear to have fewer adverse effects, or continue to pay for older drugs that are just as effective by potentially have more adverse effects?
5 Why would you choose to treat with an antibiotic twice daily, three times a day, or 4 times a day? For example, why is bactrim dosed BID and keflex dosed QID?
6 What are the differences in muscarinic and nicotinic receptors within the body? What does this have to do with prescribing medications
7 In choosing an iron formulation for a patient who is iron deficient, what must be considered in relation to pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics? How much should be prescribed? How much elemental iron is in the medication you are considering? Can you give too much?
8 Your menopausal patient asks you whether she should go on estrogen replacement, as all her friends have told her it is the best option for her symptoms. What is your response? If she asks you to prescribe one, which would be your best choice? Why?

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