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I have included the research paper i have 4 other whch need to be contrasted. Research Methods for Evidence-based Practice (HLTH6036) Summative Assessment You will be asked to analyse your area of practice to justify a research or EBP question/ topic and produce a critical review paper of relevant literature based on your research or EBP topic. This critical review paper should include a detailed search strategy to evidence that you are able to carry out a comprehensive literature search and should be 3,500 words +/-10%. It will be weighted 100% of the total marks for the module. A pass mark of 50% must be achieved in this summative assessment to successfully complete this module. Learning Outcomes On completion of the module you will be expected to: 1. Critically analyse the contribution of research and EBP in health and/ or social care. Formative Assessment Summative Assessment 2. Identify questions/ topics relating to your area of practice and carry out a comprehensive literature search. Formative Assessment Summative Assessment 3. Justify the choice of evidence or appropriate research approach(es) for data collection and analysis for your identified research or EBP question/ topic. Formative Assessment Summative Assessment 4. Critically explore ethical issues for the conduct of research and application of research evidence to health and/ or social care practice. Formative Assessment Summative Assessment 5. Critically evaluate qualitative and quantitative research evidence and synthesise recommendations for your area of health and/ or social care practice. Formative Assessment Summative Assessment 6. Demonstrate the ability to critique, evaluate and refine your knowledge and skills needed to participate in research and evidence based practice. Formative Assessment Summative Assessment Structure of the Critical Review (Evidence-based Practice) The structure of the 3500 word [+/- 10%] critical review of the literature based on your evidence based practice question/topic should include: • A title page • An introduction to highlight the evidence based practice topic in relation to your area of practice, and outlining the purpose of the assignment. • A detailed search strategy. • A critical appraisal of previous published work in relation to your area of interest. On the basis of your review of the evidence, you should develop recommendations for clinical decision-making relevant to your evidence-based topic. • References – Harvard system of referencing. • List of appendices as required, with each one titled, numbered and referred to within the text. Suggested components of the review (evidence-based practice): 1) Reflect on your role/practice context (a reflective cycle may help you). Analyse the extent to which your practice area has currently adopted evidence-based practice, taking into consideration local, national and/or international policy and practice. 2) Identify a topic relevant to your practice role, and reflect on its relevance to your sphere of practice. You may wish to choose a topic that will contribute to a professional role requirement (e.g. development of evidence-based guidelines). Develop an appropriate EBP question. 3) Using a structured search strategy, identify and summarise a range of key evidence on your topic to address your EBP question. This is likely to include primary research evidence from research activity within the quantitative and/or qualitative paradigms, as well as audit data. Provide a clear audit trail of your search strategy and outcome. 4) Select key papers for detailed critical review, giving your rationale. 5) Critically appraise the selected key papers, using a clear framework. Describe your rationale for your choice of critical appraisal framework(s)/tool(s). Consider the quality of the evidence, taking into account the appropriateness and use of research design and methods, and reflecting on ethical issues in the conduct of the research. 6) On the basis of your appraisal of key evidence, critically reflect on the implications for decision-making in your role/practice area, and develop recommendations. 7) Critically reflect on the skills and knowledge required to participate in evidence-based health and social care, and the range of factors that underpin evidence-based decision-making. In order to pass the assignment it is essential that: 1. You address each of the learning outcomes; 2. You demonstrate evidence of safe practice/attitudes; 3. You maintain the patient’s/client’s confidentiality

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