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DO NOT WRITE AN INTRODUCTION. Start with SECTION 1 and move forward. I will take care of the introduction, etc. The assignment requires the student observe a group of children interacting with one another in social setting such as a playground, a classroom or other places that children routinely interact. I observed children ages 4 and 5.. (3 boys and 1 girl in a playroom). Please research Erikson’s developmental theory and provide the following sections in detail! 1. Specify what developmental theory (use Erikson) you are using to inform their observations (i.e Erikson, you will look for behaviors that fit that theoretical perspective for the developmental tasks for a 4 and 5 yr old) 2. Include personal observations (from playroom) regarding normative developmental behaviors within the Erikson theoretical perspective among the children observed. 3. Description of your personal observations regarding behaviors exhibited by the children that were maladaptive or off course in development ** Please ask if you have questions!

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