Ocean Thematic Unit custom essay

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I need to submit a total of 10 lesson plans in the following format. THe topic is ocean studies and it has to be for the kindergarten level. I want the outcome of learning to be understanding what is in our ocean, what endangers the sea life, the effects of pollution, and how we can work to take care of our oceans. I have completed and will attach the first and second lesson plan, you you may see how I did it. You only need to do 8 more, with the last plan being an assessment on what they have learned- something like a research project- they choose an animal, do a bubble map, and include what it eats, what the animals enemies are, where does it live, how does it protect itself. The student will then share the project with the class for a grade, following the rubric. Here is how the 8 lesson plans should be outlined: Content Area: Grade Level: Unit Theme: Resource List: Type of resource: Bibliographic information: Contribution to the unit: Activities: Individual, Pairs, Small Group: NCTE/IRA Standard: Description of the activity: Scoring Guide for [identify the activity for which you are including a scoring guide]: Summary: *Be sure to add citations to display the fact that your planning is backed by research (this would be included in the purpose or maybe in the strategy explanation). *Be sure to clearly show the outline/format of your paper–use bolded headings. (This is a good way to check to make sure you have included everything required.) *Don’t forget to be creative in your engagement of students and in your planning. Offer variety of activities for learning. *Number your activities, which are to be in a sequential order (#1 introduces your unit –the rest of the activities build on the theme–#10 is the conclusion). I HAVE THE 1st and 2nd LESSON PLANS, YOU NEED TO DO 3 through 10. *Be sure to check your finished project with the rubric to make sure that you haven’t left anything out. • Describe each of the activities in clear, concise paragraphs explaining • Purpose of the activity in terms of student performance outcomes • Materials that will be needed • How you will begin (engage students’ interest/prior knowledge), • What you, the teacher, will do • What the students will do • How you will know whether the activity fulfilled its purpose? • Explain your reason for selecting this particular activity to meet the goals of your Thematic Unit. Refer to course readings whenever possible. • At least one of your activities should be a formative assessment and one should be a summative assessment. • Some of your activities should be teacher-directed mini-lessons on comprehension strategies and some should use the reading workshop method. • At least two of your activities should be guided-reading lessons. • Throughout the unit, give the students opportunities to work alone, with a partner, and in small groups. • For each activity, identify one or more of the literacy standards from the NCTE/IRA Standards for the English Language Arts covered by the activity. This is a crucial element of every thematic unit, and shows you understand that we must have solid learning goals in mind when we engage students in classroom activities. In writing your activities, imagine that you are writing them as instructions for another teacher to follow–that should help you remember to write clearly and thoroughly. Fourth, select one of the activities and create a scoring guide/rubric that shows how you will evaluate it. Finally, at the end of your thematic unit, attach a summary of the students’ experience through this unit. How will his or her reading/comprehension skills be strengthened from the reading level at which s/he begins to the reading level at which you project s/he will be performing at the culmination of the unit? Use your readings for this course, as well as your own classroom experience with students, to support your decisions. I know there are a lot of instructions, I think the more detail about the assignment the better. If you are not strong with writing lesson plans, please forward the assignment to someone who specializes it. Thank you so much!!

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