Online Marketing Custom Essay

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You will work in pairs to complete this project and have four days in which to complete it.

You need to:

 Research and read some background into online marketing.

 Research and describe what online marketing is.

 Research and describe the key components of online marketing.

 Describe using examples, how online marketing can fit and be integrated into the marketing mix.

 Describe in some detail how the online marketing components can be utilised to the benefit for a chosen organisation.

You must:

 Provide definitions in your own words utilising a number of resources.

 Provide examples wherever possible.

 You must reference correctly and marks will be awarded for students who try to explain using their own words rather than quoting.

 You need to produce work at a high level to represent your current standing within your program of study.

Your ability to work independently and to a deadline will dictate the length of this piece of work BUT all the above tasks must be completed.

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