Operation Styles of Policing Essay

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After reviewing transcripts of the video clips (attached) and completing your assigned reading chapters 5,6, and 7 of Intoduction to Criminal Justice by Robert M. Bohm and Keith N. Haley (ISBN 978-0-07-352795-6)

-Identify at least three different operational styles of policing and explain the function of each style.
-Which style do you think is most effective and why?

-Identify the aspects of community policing that tend to make the most positive impact on communities. Explain why these aspects can make a difference.

In the video clip, the West Orange Police Department referred to their officers who work in community policing as Community Service Officers, do you think this is an appropriate title for these officers or should they use the traditional title of Police Officers? Explain your views.

-Reactive and proactive policing are two operational strategies and styles used by many law enforcement departments. Explain the purpose of each strategy and your overall views about each strategy and its’ effectiveness.

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