Operations Management custom essay

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Operations do not function in a vacuum. Since the Operations functions affects and is affected by other functions and departments in an organization, you will need to review your project as a cross-functional application.

First Task:
Design a productive system. The project involves:
1) designing a product/service;
2) following the product/service from its inception through production/provision to distribution;
3) constructing a flowchart of the events identified in the production process; and
4) outlining the decision making process in the areas of product/service design, process design, facility layout, and evaluation of performance.
this project requires reading, research, experimentation, and imagination.

Second task:
Research process is crucial to developing the productive system. Therefore, you should explore during your discovery the following and apply:

Understand the dynamics of operations strategy and be able to develop one.
Understand and apply the concepts of process improvement.
Understand the importance of quality management.
Be able to recommend facilities.
Be able to use forecasting techniques.
know the difference between push and pull systems.
Understand project management and be able to apply scheduling techniques.

Attached reading materials as this project should include the different area of the reading material.

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