Organisational Change Assignment Custom Essay

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Write a single essay that critically discusses and integrates the following three questions:

Question 1

There exist many interventions in the change management literature for facilitating change in organisations. Cummings and Worley (2008) classify these interventions into four approaches: human process, technostructural, human resource management and strategic change interventions. Stace and Dunphy (2001) don’t classify interventions but suggest that specific interventions should be utilised for each of their four approaches to change (developmental transition, task-focused transition, charismatic transformation and turnaround). Compare and contrast two different change approaches. In your answer, discuss the circumstances under which the implementation of each approach is suitable.
Question 2
For “” case study, consider and discuss which change intervention/s should now be implemented. Be sure to justify your choice of intervention/s and in particular consider whether your choice/s are consistent with your diagnosis from Assessment Item 1. In your answer, suggest any resistance to your change proposal/s that you might expect to encounter and how this resistance could be overcome.
“” case study located here
Question 3
For any of the documentaries, identify and evaluate any change intervention/s implemented in the documentary. In your answer, assess how successful the implementation was, particularly in terms of the institutionalisation of the change. Note that the organisation you discuss in this question does not necessarily need to be the same as that for which you carried out the diagnosis in Assessment Item 1.
The aims of the assignment are:
� to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate an understanding of the various theories and concepts introduced in the subject and their application;
� to develop skills in presenting a balanced argument of theory and organisational practice to the reader;
� to encourage in-depth research on particular topics; and
� to develop and practise formal writing skills.
Marking criteria
In assessing your essay, you will be expected to:
� demonstrate an understanding of the concepts and theories discussed;
� present a balanced argument that considers both theory and practice;
� demonstrate appropriate research and referencing styles;
� show an ability to relate theoretical material to practical, everyday organisational situations;
� critically analyse the material under discussion, not just repeat what you have read; and
present an essay written in an appropriate style and format.
Please answer the question set. Do not merely provide a general overview of the topic area. Use specific case examples to support and illustrate your arguments.
You must use a minimum of ten academic references including at least eight peer-reviewed scholarly academic journal articles.
In your answer you should demonstrate good knowledge of the topic area you are writing in. You should also demonstrate good analytical skills which include the ability to critically synthesise the literature in order to develop an analysis. If you have industry experience in the topic area you are writing in, feel free to include your own understanding of the issues involved. However your own experiences must not dominate your analysis. Greater weight should be given to insights gleaned from the literature.

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